2022 Mini Conference and AGM

On Saturday March 26 SA TESOL Members met at the Fullarton Park Community Centre for the 2022 Mini-Conference and AGM.

As part of the mini conference we were treated to the following presentations:

Being an EALD educator in an English-language teaching environment
Being an educator who is EALD in a largely monolinguistic educational environment may present different challenges to those presented to educators for whom English is their main language. Educators from across sectors talk about their challenges in coping in this environment, and some of the strategies they have used to help them address those challenges.
Presenters: Haoqian Gong, Dr. Omid Mehrabi-Yazdi, and Sandani Dayananda.

Working with multimodal media texts in the EAL/D classroom
Joel has worked in Brazilian public schools as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in this session he will present a range of strategies for working with multimodal texts in the EAL/D classroom. Drawing on approaches from a range of critical literacy studies, he will focus on the use of citizen-journalist produced texts in secondary and adult education, and the Global Storybook Portal at primary level.
Presenter: Joel Windle

Teaching EALD to Australian First Nation Students – challenges and strategies
Many Australian First Nation students, not just those who are EALD, are new to or limited in Standard Australian English (SAE). This comes with its own challenges which accompany the need to take into consideration histories and cultures. Sarah will speak as a teacher new to this field and share some of the challenges she has faced, and strategies she has used to support students’ engagement, learning and achievement.
Presenter: Sarah Radford